NES Financial is the nation’s leader in providing solutions that improve safety, security and transparency in complex financial transactions focusing on complex escrows and trusts.   Having originally developed our solutions to bring these benefits to 1031 exchanges, we have in recent years expanded our solution to include a wide range of escrow solutions.  Last year had a record year by processing more than $70B in escrow and trust transactions.    This week NESF is attending the ICCFA in Las Vegas to introduce our innovative trust administration solution to the pre-need market.  Our solution features:

– State and Federal Compliance. Our pre-need solutions enable our clients to comply with all state and federal regulations applicable to pre-need providers.  This ensures successful audits for our clients.

– Accurate, Flexible, Real-Time Management Reporting. Our eSTAC reporting engine is the most flexible and automated available today ensuring accurate and timely availability of annual reports, client statements, audit reports and custom management reporting.

– Administrative Support. High touch or low touch, our solutions are customizable to meet client needs for back- office administration support.

– Cloud-Based Solution. Fast deployment and on boarding means minimal transition time to get clients up and running quickly, no installs means no system hassles and no hidden upgrade costs in the future.

– Industry-leading security measures. To ensure the security of client funds, NESF partners with a wide range of the country’s highest rated banks to meet the needs of our clients.

– Complete transactional transparency. Our innovative technology platform enables 24/7 account monitoring, ensuring that consumers and their representatives always know exactly where funds are being held.

– Fully automated consumer reporting. Reports including account activity and interest generated can be pre-set to be automatically compiled and sent on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.

Document Storage: All documents can be stored on-line within the individual sub-account to minimize operational expense and increase transparency

Millions of Americans choose to invest in a pre-need solution to spare their loved ones the financial burden of a funeral while grieving their death.  Despite the nature of these funds and complex government regulation there are frequently instances of fraud and mismanagement, leaving many families not only grieving but also faced with an unexpected financial burden.

NES Financial provides an innovative solution to prevent these losses for consumers while reducing the costs, risk and complexity for cemeteries and funeral homes.   If you would like to learn more or arrange a meeting at ICCFA, feel free to call me toll-free at 800-339-1031  or on my cell phone at 1-408-221-8949.