The beginning of the year is a time of seemingly endless potential, full of yet unbroken resolutions and abounding promise. It’s both a time to reflect and look forward, to look back on the things we’ve done well and the things we plan to do differently.

In the last year at NES Financial, we’ve made enormous strides.  Having entered the EB-5 Escrow Administration market, we’ve quickly become the leading provider of Escrow Administration solutions in the industry. We’ve expanded our team, launched new social media initiatives, including this blog, and expanded our business to more than $70 billion in annual funds flow.  We’ve achieved a high standard as the leading provider of 1031 solutions and continue to lead the industry in working for increased consumer protection for 1031 exchanges.  With your support, we hope to continue our progress well into the future.

However, our past successes won’t mean much if we don’t continue to set new goals.  In the New Year, we will continue to grow our business, by providing the highest level of services to our existing clients, aggressively pursuing new client opportunities for our existing products and by moving into new markets where opportunities exist for solutions that bring increased funds security, transparency and compliance.  We will continue to develop our technology, expand our solutions, and fight for consumer safeguards wherever the customer faces risk.

What are your business goals for 2011 and how can we help?  For more information about NES Financial, explore our website or contact us.