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Whether you’re hoping to attract foreign investment or deploy capital abroad, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to expanding your reach internationally. However, due to the complex legal and regulatory challenges, it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, and many get scared off.

Thanks to our global reach, JTC is able to help firms figure out their options and the best course of action, simplifying the entire process so you can pursue opportunities wherever you find them. We’re ready to show you how going global might be easier than you think, and how we can help you get it done.

Wouter Plantenga

Wouter Plantenga
ICS Head of Group Client Services
JTC Americas

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Is Now the Right Time to Go Global?
Expanding your reach internationally comes with both challenges and benefits. Here’s how JTC can make the whole process easier.

When Should US-Based Managers Launch a London Stock Exchange-Traded Investment Fund?
Simplifying the processes and strategies of listing in the UK, the potential benefits, and the need for the right partner.

When ManCo Services Are the Right Solution
Discussion of Management Company solutions and the potential value add of different ManCo types in assisting investment managers in meeting European AIFMD requirements.

Bringing Corporate Services Under One Roof
The value of outsourcing corporate services, and what makes JTC’s offerings different.

Accessing European Capital
Establishing a fund structure to accept European investment, and how US fund managers can market their funds in Europe.

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White Paper: The Road to Global Growth
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A breakdown of JTC’s bespoke administrative solutions, improving regulatory functions for funds and vehicles of all sizes.

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Fundraising in the EU: What You Need To Know
Our white paper covering the process of acquiring European capital and the benefits of different structures and approaches.

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The Effects of COVID on Citizenship Planning
An article by Emilio Miguel, Regional Head – Americas for JTC, on what the pandemic means for EB-5 and Citizenship by Investment.