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In the past few years, there has been increased investor demand for impact investing, projects intended to make the world a better place. Recent data shows that impact investments outperform the market as a whole, and this industry-wide focus on impact looks only to increase in the future.

Thanks to our work in specialty financial administration in areas like Qualified Opportunity Zones, JTC Americas has the technology in place to track and evaluate impact in ways others can’t. And with JTC’s global reach, we’re able to service ESG in more sectors of the industry than ever before. We’re ready to show you how we can help your firm take advantage of this exciting time in impact investing.

Reid Thomas

Reid Thomas
Chief Revenue Officer & Managing Director
JTC Americas

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Getting Results in Impact Investing
An introduction to our holistic approach to ESG and how JTC is helping its clients measure impact with accurate data and analysis.

Embracing ESG
How JTC Group is positioning itself for leadership in ESG.

Solutions for ESG Compliance in the US and Abroad
The importance of compliance in ESG, best practices, and the role of technology in JTC’s solutions for institutions and private clients.

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White Paper: The Changing Landscape of ESG and Impact Investing
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Opportunity Zone Fund Administration
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Measuring the Social Impact of Investments
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JTC Americas’ EB-5 Administration Solution
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Best Practices in EB-5 Fund Administration
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