On an island made up of 98% QOZs, Monllor Capital Partners looks to make a big impact.

We wrote recently about Puerto Rico as a destination for Opportunity Zone capital. The island offers serious advantages for investors who want to positively impact communities that need it most, and who are looking for ESG investments outside of commercial real estate. Despite this, Puerto Rico is often overlooked by fund managers and investors.

Jose A. Torres is hoping to change that.

Monllor Capital Partners, which Torres founded in 2018, is a minority-owned alternative asset management and advisory firm, based in Puerto Rico, which makes and facilitates ESG-focused private equity investments on the island. In 2021, the firm launched the Puerto Rico Opportunity Zone Fund (PROZ), which invests in renewable energy, sustainable businesses, and infrastructure in QOZs throughout the island.

Torres and MCP were recently featured in an article in News is my Business, an English-language news outlet covering Puerto Rico’s business community. (The article was adapted from our original blog post.) It covers the advantages and challenges of investing in an island with its own unique tax structure — and the appeal of putting dollars to work on an island which has suffered two hurricanes and more than ten earthquakes over the last five years.

Read the full article here.

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