Social Impact in Opportunity Zones

Insider Insights Series: Measuring Social Impact in Opportunity Zones

A free Opportunity Zone Webinar hosted by JTC Americas
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 | 11:00 A.M. PT

 It’s important to communities, investors, and the future of this initiative. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

The OZ tax incentives were created, first and foremost, to do good in designated communities across the country. Since the inception of Opportunity Zones, JTC Americas has championed social impact as a priority for the industry — both because it’s the right thing to do, and because a thriving, socially positive OZ market is a win-win for investors and fund managers. 

But how do you quantify the social and community impact made by Opportunity Zone investments?

Don’t miss this free opportunity zone webinar, in which our panel of industry experts will discuss recently developed tools to quantify social impact and report it to investors and other stakeholders. 

(And, as always, we’ll present the latest OZ market data, along with our insights into developing OZ trends!)

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Recently developed tools to quantify social impact in opportunity zones
  • Case study on a fund that sets a high-bar social impact reporting
  • The fund administrator’s role in measuring and reporting social impact
  • OZ market data through the last half of 2019 (and emerging trends)

Who should attend?

  • Current and aspiring fund managers
  • Developers and entrepreneurs
  • Tax and securities attorneys
  • Economists and business consultants
  • Current and prospective OZ investors

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Reid Thomas
Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director,
JTC Americas

Howard W. Buffett

Co-founder & President, Global Impact;

Associate Professor, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs

Jonathan Tower
Founder & Managing Partner,

Arctaris Impact Investors

Benjamin Bornstein
Managing Director,
Arctaris Impact Investors