Outsourcing fund administration can bring huge benefits for PE fund managers: reduced risk, lower cost, staffing efficiencies, higher investor satisfaction, and more. However, the success of your third-party implementation depends on many factors, both internal and external.

How do you know you’re ready to outsource? And how do you do so in a way that unlocks the full spectrum of potential upside?

For third-party fund administration to work well, the implementation needs to be a collaborative partnership between you and the administrator. It’s important that your firm follows best practices in evaluating your own needs, in vetting administration options, and in communicating your desires to the administrator. It’s equally important that your chosen administrator listens, and embraces their own industry’s recognized best practices — for example, following a carefully designed onboarding process (to make sure there is no disruption to your current operations) and offering an information-rich portal to provide full transparency to you and your investors.

We recently published a white paper on this topic, titled “Outsourcing Fund Administration in Private Equity,” which is intended as a guide for those considering third-party administration. In it, we discuss the major hurdles that fund managers face, and the steps they can take to implement a winning solution.

In this paper:

  • Why outsource at all? (And why now?)
  • The psychology of control, and its risk to growth
  • Due diligence: what to look for in a third-party administrator
  • The keys to smooth and efficient implementation
  • Leveraging the value-add for investors

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Outsourcing Fund Administration in Private Equity White Paper

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