On October 2, we held a webinar titled “Are You Ready for EB-5 3.0 — A New Era?” (If you missed it, watch the recording here!) In this presentation, we brought together a select group of experts from across the EB-5 industry to discuss the new EB-5 rules, which are scheduled to take effect on November 21.

Our panel of experts agreed that the coming changes — which include a significant increase to the minimum EB-5 investment, as well as stricter classification for Targeted Employment Areas — will usher in a new era for EB-5.

During the webinar, we polled the EB-5 issuers in our audience, asking a simple question: “Do you intend to launch new EB-5 projects after November 21?”

To this question, 58% of our webinar audience said they will continue to employ fundraising for their projects following the changes to the new EB-5 rules, and 42% said they will not.

With EB-5 3.0 around the corner, it is a massive change when 40% of the market says it isn’t going to launch a project. The results reaffirm that there is a new era and with the new era will be new best practices, challenges, opportunities and Escrow 3.0, our new upgrade program.

Our EVP Reid Thomas wrote about EB-5 3.0 in detail about the opportunities and challenges the new program will face here.

“The EB-5 program will continue to live, but it will be a different era,” shared Thomas.

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