Outsourcing fund administration is a big decision, and one that many fund managers have historically been reluctant to make. However, over the past few years, investor needs have driven increased administrative demand on funds of all sizes, and many GPs have begun to realize that in-house fund administration is often a misuse of precious resources.

During our Private Equity webinar on July 22nd, Michael Richards, Head of Fund Administration – USA, for JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, and our expert panelists delved into the best practices to outsourcing. Michael shares his thoughts below about why onshoring is the new offshoring and that paired with technology plays a crucial role in helping companies grow.

“With all the various jurisdictions that we operate within and the people that we know, we are helping clients move into different markets and making connections there,” said Michael.

And then when you think about it, onshoring is really the new offshoring.

Given the impact of the pandemic within the last four months, technology is the most important resource to have right to ensure that you are delivering people the right data and to the right locations.

JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, has had the ability to continue to provide services without any interruptions and be able to provide enhanced data and additional technology to our clients. That’s been something that has allowed us to continue to grow, and with the acquisition by JTC, it has helped us grow globally.”

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