Normally most of us have our list of Opportunity Zone events calendared and flights booked for the year, especially the Opportunity Zone Expo in Las Vegas. However, with the global pandemic, all events have been forced to go virtual for now. We spoke with Kamyar Amiri-Davani, co-founder of Opportunity Zone Expo, and what he and his team have planned for their big virtual OZ event on June 24th and June 25th, including the opportunity to join an exclusive virtual cocktail hour with the Top 25 OZ Influencers.

With the pandemic literally changing how we operate, how have you had to be more creative in putting together a 2-day virtual OZ event?

COVID-19 caused us to adapt quickly as an events company, and we launched an online venue to help OZ professionals continue networking and learning from one another – in a virtual setting. While adhering to safe social distancing guidelines, our online expos are designed to facilitate business development in the OZ industry at a time when in person networking opportunities are essentially nonexistent. Adaptive technology together with a great team at Opportunity Zone Expo have been crucial to our ability to sustain our industry platform during these uncertain times.

How is your virtual OZ conference different from other OZ conferences, and is there something new all attendees can look forward to?

There have been a number of excellent OZ webinars to debut since COVID-19, however we believe we are the first OZ focused virtual conference offering person to person networking in a digital exhibitor hall environment, together with educational panels and keynote speeches available on demand. Our upcoming conference on June 24-25 also has the exciting release of our Top 25 OZ Influencers award winners that we will celebrate along with the release of our latest edition of Opportunity Zone Magazine.

Who should attend this event?

Anyone interested in learning about Opportunity Zones or veteran industry players who want to network and grow their businesses. Participants include fund managers, attorneys, real estate developers, investors, tax specialists, investment bankers, government officials and service professionals.

What can you tell us about this year’s keynote speaker?

We are pleased to announce Scott Turner, executive director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, will be joining us as our keynote speaker at the Virtual Opportunity Zone Expo on June 24-25. Turner, appointed by President Donald Trump, is a former NFL star and previously served in the Texas House of Representatives. But aside from his decorated resume, he is quite possibly one of the most inspiring and charismatic speakers to have keynoted our OZ conferences. His speech in Las Vegas last year left the entire crowd in a standing ovation!

Normally everyone looks forward to attending this OZ event in Las Vegas to network, how do you plan to replicate this?

Our online expo is a fun live event that includes virtual cocktails with the Top 25 OZ Influencers, keynote speeches and interactive zoom video meetings. You might not be in Las Vegas, but this virtual event just might make you feel like it!