NES Financial announced today it has been selected by Recovery Centers of America (RCA) to provide third-party administration for a $150 million EB-5 project. RCA is a leading behavioral health operator providing a comprehensive scope of care for patients with substance abuse issues. RCA has state-of-art health centers strategically located in the Northeast United States.

With six health centers projected to be fully operational by Fall 2017, RCA will have a significant footprint in the Northeast region, and will serve over 1 million patients battling substance abuse.

America Now will serve as the Regional Center.

“NES Financial has brought institutional quality third-party fund administration to EB-5, which represents a tremendous value to us and our investors,” explains Bill Bora, General Manager.

As to why he selected NES Financial: “Their technologies and financial expertise have transformed EB-5 administration. And that’s what Recovery Centers of America is doing in the substance abuse disorder treatment industry.”

“Ensuring Recovery Centers of America and their investors achieve their goals in an evolving EB-5 environment is what our business is all about,” added Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “In more practical terms, our EB-5 administration solutions are designed to efficiently handle the complex capital, accounting, and process administration of an EB-5 project from start to finish, with the highest level of compliance, security, and transparency.

Read the full press release by clicking here.

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