With the real estate market continuing to gain momentum, 1031 exchanges are an excellent way to preserve capital and defer capital gains taxes. Property owners are able to upgrade or reposition their portfolios through 1031 exchanges. Since no two 1031 exchanges are the same, it’s incredibly important to work with a 1031 Qualified Intermediary who understands your client’s business. NES Financial is the leading 1031 Qualified Intermediary providing secure, transparent, and compliant 1031 exchange solutions for the commercial real estate industry. If you are a commercial real estate broker, lawyer, or accountant, you should always be looking for a partner who you can rely on that will not to let your client down. NES Financial is that partner. Our expertise covers all types of exchanges – forward, reverse, program, and specialty – for a wide range of asset types. 

We have the experience and expertise working with all types of 1031 exchanges, including Forward Exchanges, Reverse Exchanges, and for a wide range of asset types. Our former General Counsel, Kelly Alton, even helped develop significant 1031 exchange guidance during her tenure at the IRS National Office.

NES Financial’s compliant and customizable 1031 Exchange Solutions provide the highest levels of security available. By providing fully transparent and automated audit trail capabilities, your clients can view their accounts anytime, from anywhere.

Whether your clients’ current strategies are to shift, consolidate, or diversify their portfolios, NES Financial’s 1031 Exchange Solutions offer several products that your clients can employ to successfully manage those portfolios.

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