Combining eXp’s relationships with JTC’s 1031 expertise proved a winning combination for a speedy like-kind exchange

To better serve our mutual clients, JTC Americas has formed a strategic partnership with eXp Realty. By taking advantage of both JTC’s decades of experience as a Qualified Intermediary and eXp’s extensive network of real estate professionals, one client was able to complete a 1031 Exchange faster and with less hassle. Here’s how they did it.

One of the most important requirements for any 1031 exchange is a Qualified Intermediary to hold funds during the exchange. When brokers are looking to recommend a QI to their 1031 clients, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

Investors want to make sure the exchange is performed correctly to qualify under tax law, that their funds are secure, and that they can access information about their exchanges when they need to. JTC Americas knows this all too well, which is why security, transparency, and compliance are the three pillars upon which we build our service, including our award-winning online platform with 24/7 investor access.

But one aspect of a great QI shouldn’t be overlooked by brokers, and that’s experience. Here’s a story about how JTC’s team, with its more than 30 years’ experience and tens of thousands of successful transactions, was able to help the broker’s clients perform an exchange faster by understanding the market.

eXp Commercial is a global online brokerage powered by cutting-edge technology connecting more than 83,000 agents worldwide. One reason eXp is the world’s fastest-growing could-based brokerage is its relationship network, helping brokers connect their clients to buyers and sellers to fit their exact needs. This relationship network also extends to service providers like JTC, and it was because of eXp that a broker in need of a QI met the right person from JTC Americas.

“I was introduced to Justin Amos through our eXp training classes,” said Sergio Convers, Executive Broker at eXp Commecial. “Since then, he has been very helpful, especially when helping to explain the 1031 process to my clients.”

An expert on 1031, Amos was able to explain how the current state of the real estate market is affecting like-kind exchanges and why many of JTC Americas’ clients have been able to complete their exchanges faster by identifying several replacement properties before selling their relinquished properties.

“He advised me to get ahead of the curve by finding replacement properties before our initial sale was closed, so I did, and saved me and my client a lot of time and headaches,” said Convers.

This isn’t the kind of advice you can get from just anyone. Amos’ experience, and the years of experience provided by the team at JTC, allow for insights like these. Having helped with so many exchanges, the JTC Client Services team knows what investors need and how to get things done with minimal headaches.

“Because of Justin’s advice and the help of Judith and the rest of the JTC Americas Staff, we closed a smooth 1031 exchange completely in one week from start to finish,” said Convers, who added that the experience was enough to ensure he’d work with JTC again.

“I highly recommend Justin and his team at JTC Americas to handle all of my clients’ 1031 exchange needs from now on.”

Get in touch with JTC Americas today to learn how we can help your clients by providing expert insights, best-in-class customer service, and purpose-built technology to make their 1031 Exchange experience as easy as possible, just like we did with Sergio’s clients.

What can we help you exchange?

At JTC Americas, we’ve put together an industry-leading track record of 1031 success, across tens of thousands of transactions and more than 25 years in the business. Members of our legal and Client Services team have decades of experience handling 1031 exchanges and we’ve built a cutting-edge administration platform, called eSTAC®, from the ground up to maximize your transaction security and transparency.

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