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Here, you’ll find a list of educational materials — some of which we’ve created, and some of which we’ve compiled from other industry experts. Enjoy!

The Value of Engagement Management in PE Fund Admin

Today, we’re excited to bring you the first installment of a new video series we’re calling the “Executive Briefing.” In this short video, Will Lopez, Vice President of Engagement Management, talks about his reasons for joining NES Financial, the role that engagement management plays in private equity fund administration excellence, and how technological efficiencies make [...]

The Next Evolution of Fund Administration

Michael Halloran, Chairman and CEO of NES Financial, speaks about pain points in the private equity industry and details how NES Financial’s Fund Administration Solution can help solve for them.   Contact us Allow us to schedule a demo and demonstrate how NES Financial is disrupting the private equity marketplace to service your fund administration needs. We look forward to hearing from [...]

Watch the Webinar: Get Ahead with EB-5 Best Practices

NES Financial's Reid Thomas and Miller Mayer's Stephen Yale-Loehr hosted a webinar discussing proposed legislative provisions, the intent behind the provisions, and enhanced EB-5 industry best practices. If you missed the informational event, a recording of the webinar is available below. While it is important to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, [...]

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Find Out How NES Financial Solutions Make Rich Marquard’s Projects More Transparent

Rich Marquard explains how NES Financial solutions help his EB-5 projects stay organized and transparent throughout the EB-5 process. Get More What is EB-5? Find out more by downloading our EB-5 Solution Kit. Contact us Allow us to address your business needs by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Assembling EB-5 Expertise

Between immigration requirements, economic reporting, fund administration, and compliance with SEC regulations, success in EB-5 depends on assembling a team with the right expertise. Kevin Wright helps projects prepare the economic development reporting required for EB-5. When it comes to financial tracking and administration needs, find out why he recommends that his clients work with [...]

Augment EB-5 Compliance with Klasko Compliance and NES Financial

I-829 filing is the final step in an investor’s immigration process — preventing problems at this stage is a top priority for EB-5 investors and issuers. Accurately counting jobs created and tracking the flow of funds are the cornerstone to successful I-829 filing, but meeting compliance needs can be complex. Klasko Compliance and NES Financial’s [...]

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Michael Halloran Discusses NES Financial’s Success in the EB-5 Industry

With an EB-5 industry continuing to experience rapid growth, the demand for greater transparency, fund security, and quality service is increasing. NES Financial helps issuers make the complex easy with a suite of EB-5 Solutions that meet the demands of an evolving market. Hear what Michael Halloran, Chairman and CEO of NES Financial, has to [...]

Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

Have you been thinking about doing a 1031 exchange, but are unsure what the advantages would be? Kelly Alton, NES Financial General Counsel, explains the basics of conducting a 1031 exchange and the benefits you can achieve by doing one. As General Counsel, Kelly brings unmatched levels of experience and expertise regarding 1031 exchanges. In [...]

The Advantages of Using an Escrow Administrator for EB-5 Transactions

Regional centers using an escrow partner is the perfect solution to keeping investors’ funds secure. With more investors requesting greater security measures for their investments, it’s important to work with a capable escrow agent that leverages advanced technology to streamline the administration process for each investor.   The video above features NES Financial’s executives lending [...]

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