An investment initiative with a purpose

As the U.S. continues to struggle with geographic wealth inequality, we believe Opportunity Zones will be instrumental in rebuilding the national economy with an eye toward social impact. But it won’t happen if the initiative falls prey to fraud, abuse, bad press or debates about its effectiveness.

Stakeholders in the Opportunity Zones industry have a crucial chance to establish a regimen of standards and best practices to prevent fraud and abuse, to guard against misconceptions that could harm OZs, and to ensure the initiative accomplishes its intended good. Doing so won’t just help the communities in the OZs themselves — it will also help the industry survive and will differentiate individual OZ funds for a growing population of impact-conscious investors.

In this paper, we present a comprehensive approach to best practices in fund administration for OZ funds — how to maximize fund security, investor transparency and compliance reporting, while also clearly demonstrating social impact.

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