Two years in, what have we learned from the Opportunity Zones initiative?

The Opportunity Zones initiative was an instant success in terms of fundraising due to its tax incentives, but after two years, we’re now seeing trends that indicate where investors want to see their money going in the future.

The emergence of OZ funds that aggressively promote their impact benefits shows how impact has become a core principle for investors on par with tax incentives. Fund managers looking to maximize impact offerings need to understand what is driving this trend and what it means for the future.

Join us as industry leaders talk about the state of the OZ sector today, why increasing investment in operating businesses matters, and how funds can incorporate a diverse array of projects to satisfy their investors’ desire for greater impact.

In this free webinar recorded on August 19th, 2021, JTC Americas hosted a panel of experts discussing the trends of the Opportunity Zone program.

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