Opportunity Zones will bring crucial economic stimulus, job creation and Main Street revitalization to distressed communities around the country. Are you on board?

Despite the economic downturn, OZ charges ahead, with more than $10 billion now invested in QOFs across the country. Given the huge amount of capital gains generated in the recent market selloff, evolving legislation in the wake of the pandemic, and a growing emphasis on social and community impact among investors, we expect this momentum to continue.

In fact, we believe the Opportunity Zones initiative will be a key driver of economic stimulus, job creation and equitable recovery in the months ahead. The nationwide outbreak of COVID-19 has disproportionally hurt low-income communities, and OZ will help ensure the post-pandemic recovery supports distressed areas — exactly as its authors intended.

Watch this free webinar recorded on June 17, 2020, in which our panel of industry experts — including Urban Catalyst and Four Points Funding, 2 of the top 10 companies from the Forbes OZ 20 List — will discuss the state of the market, the role of Opportunity Zones going forward, and why OZ leaders are uniquely positioned to be agents of the economic recovery. 

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