How can your fund stand out in a marketplace full of investments promising to do good?

Investors care more than ever about putting their money toward solving societal problems, with $1 out of every $3 going toward socially responsible investments. Many funds have embraced the principles of ESG, or environmental, social and governance solutions. There is already a large and increasing group of entities providing capital for socially impactful projects but the competition for this type of capital is fierce. The key issue is how can we enhance connectivity between sources of social impact capital and those seeking such capital.

JTC Americas and Akerman are hosting a virtual industry forum to address the challenges of raising social impact capital. Speakers and industry experts will share their insights into why this is an important time in the development of social impact investments, what is missing from the industry today, how both social impact investors and those seeking this type of capital can set themselves apart by pioneering best practices, and much more. 

In this virtual forum recorded on February 9th, 2022, JTC Americas and Akerman LLP hosted a panel of experts exploring the next phase of impact investing.

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