When, why and how to consider taking your fundraising or capital deployment abroad

For successful private equity firms, there comes a time when, despite healthy capital inflows and solid return performance, the U.S. market can begin to feel constrained.

Perhaps you’ve read about the growing overseas interest in U.S. investments, and you’d like to make your offerings available to a wider investor base. Or maybe you’re interested in deploying capital into investments abroad — reaping the rewards of diverse markets, which may be in different phases of their development or economic cycles.

In this white paper, we outline some common considerations that private equity firms should make before spreading their wings and leaving the nest of the U.S. market:

  • Why consider going global?
    • Advantages of using foreign structures
    • Advantages of deploying capital abroad
  • Challenges to global expansion
  • Resources you may need
  • The fund administration decision: internal or outsourced?

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