Last Thursday I hosted a webinar on our newest product; the EB-5 Virtual File Share. This was the first in a series of informative webinars about our latest and greatest products created especially for you, our client.

Due to time restrictions, we were unable to answer all of the great questions you asked in our Q&A, so this is where I will be addressing those questions. If you have a question that is not addressed below, feel free to shoot us an email with your questions and we will get back to you with the answer.

Q: How is your product different than Google docs or dropbox?
A: Unlike the other products mentioned, EB-5 Virtual File Share is a solution specifically designed to streamline the EB-5 investment-offering process by centralizing document exchange and storage capabilities. Regional Centers, investors, attorneys, and brokers can store, organize, share, and track files and documents in the cloud-based solution and access them from anywhere using any web browser, mobile device, desktop file manager, or email. Our product can be used in an SEC compliant manner.

Q: Can you speak about the cost of the solution, together with the escrow management solution? Or should we schedule it offline directly?
A: The list price is $4,800 annually, or you have the option of doing $500 a month. Contact one of our sales people; Coleen Danaher for more information.

Q: Have you experienced issues with Chinese access being blocked, firewall?
A: No, we have tested specifically in this area and have not heard of any issues. There are people all over China using this solution and zero issues with firewall or being blocked have been brought to our attention.

Q: How secure are my files?
A: All files stored in and transferred from the cloud are encrypted with government-grade security and are redundantly stored to protect them and make them accessible in the event of downtime or outages. In addition, users can create set access privileges with pre-defined roles, preventing unauthorized access, changes or printing.

Q: What level of control do I have over my files?
A: EB-5 Virtual File Share allows full control over your files; users can view, download, and upload folders and individual files as well as share files with expiring links and watermarks through emails.

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