On Monday, July 15th, NES Financial was a sponsor at the Southern California EB-5 Conference hosted by EB5investors.com. The event featured panelists covering important topics ranging from USCIS EB-5 requirements to EB-5 Regional Center project planning.

NES Financial Executive Vice President, Reid Thomas, spoke about the real world concerns faced by issuers when setting up and administering EB-5 escrow solutions and the impacts that escrow structures can have on overall project marketability and success.

Choosing to use an EB-5 escrow solution can increase investor confidence and decrease risk for all parties involved throughout the EB-5 investment process. One of the primary takeaways from the panel was the concept that all escrows are not created equal. NES Financial works with Regional Centers to find the right balance to optimize project success.

Much of the discussion at the event centered on SEC regulations and compliancy issues. The increased focus on SEC compliance is a good thing for the industry and helps protect investors from fraud. When combined with an advanced escrow administration solution, investors also benefit from additional funds security and transparency.

Many of the event attendees expressed concern about investment security and compliancy with USCIS EB-5 regulations pertaining to investors’ funds. As a leader in EB-5 investment escrow administrations, NES Financial serves over 100 regional centers providing secure, transparent, and compliant escrow services. The conference was an excellent resource for EB-5 industry trends and information from industry professionals. NES Financial is looking forward to the next EB5investors.com event.

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