Managing multiple accounts can be time-consuming and costly for banks and their clients. From monitoring transactions to archiving documents, banks require a solution that streamlines administrative processes, enabling them to meet client demands while saving time and money.

NES Financial’s Sub-account Feature makes it easier to manage multilevel, multiparty account transactions. Flexible, scalable and customizable, our multiparty, multilevel sub-accounting solutions enable banks to boost fee revenue, increase operational efficiencies, reduce compliance costs, and more.

To see how your bank can benefit from a proven Sub-accounting Feature, view NES Financial’s sub-accounting video demonstration.

You’ll learn:

  • How to setup unlimited sub-accounts easily for any size account, with flexible account naming convention, making administration faster and easier.
  • How our cloud-based solution allows administrators, power users and standard users to access specific account documentation and information.
  • How to upload and store specific account documentation for any sub-account and master account in real-time.
  • How our efficient sub-account solution seamlessly integrates with any core banking system.
  • Much more!

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