EB-5 Trends & Insights Spotlight: Shifting Investor Origins

Earlier this year, we published the 2018 edition of our annual EB-5 white paper, “The Changing Tides of EB-5: 2018 EB-5 Industry Trends & Insights.” Today we take a closer look at one of the more significant findings from this year’s report: the rapidly shifting makeup of the EB-5 investor pool. For the first [...]

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2017 EB-5 Trends & Insights White Paper Spotlight: Private Equity Convergence with EB-5

Last week, we announced that we had released the 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 white paper series, “EB-5 Trends & Insights: A Data-Driven Look into the Changing Landscape of Investor Immigration.” Today we take a closer look at one of the more interesting findings from this year’s report: the emerging trend of private [...]

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Hot off the Press: The 2017 EB-5 Trends & Insights White Paper Is Out!

We are pleased to announce publication of the much-anticipated 2017 installment of our annual EB-5 white paper series. The 2017 paper, “EB-5 Trends & Insights: A Data-Driven Look into the Changing Landscape of Investor Immigration,” is a deep dive into the trends we see emerging across the EB-5 industry today — in funding, project [...]

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The Rise of Private Equity in EB-5 Project Capital Stacks

Since the 2008 financial crisis, EB-5 investment has enjoyed a prominent place in the capital stacks of some of the country’s largest and most prestigious developments. However, for the first half of this decade, EB-5 investment and traditional private equity rarely came together to fund the same project. This appears to be changing, according to [...]

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White Paper: The “At Risk” Component of EB-5 Investment Capital

The EB-5 investment community is facing a new challenge. As many of the more seasoned EB-5 investment projects begin to mature, the original investment capital is returned by the project owner to the new commercial enterprise. While USCIS published guidance on redeployment has prompted more questions than answers, one thing is certain: The EB-5 [...]

Reid Thomas Travels to China as Part of New International Initiative

Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President and General Manager of NES Financial's EB-5 business unit, has been in China representing the company at the 7th annual Invest in America Summit. Largely regarded as one of the leading EB-5 events in China, the Invest in America Summit spanned four days in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Thomas, [...]

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Watch the Webinar: Get Ahead with EB-5 Best Practices

NES Financial's Reid Thomas and Miller Mayer's Stephen Yale-Loehr hosted a webinar discussing proposed legislative provisions, the intent behind the provisions, and enhanced EB-5 industry best practices. If you missed the informational event, a recording of the webinar is available below. While it is important to keep in mind that nothing is set in stone, [...]

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4 Takeaways From the 2016 IIUSA EB-5 Industry Forum

This past week, our team attended the 6th Annual IIUSA EB-5 Industry Forum. While it was an honor to be a Premier Platinum sponsor and to hear Executive Vice President Reid Thomas speak on EB-5 program integrity, the invaluable experience of joining over 400 industry peers for two days was as refreshing as it was insightful. Here are [...]

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Exclusive EB-5 Market Data Featured in NES Financial White Paper

How have quota backlogs for Chinese-born investors impacted EB-5 investor markets? How has project distribution shifted in the last year? What are the hottest sectors for EB-5 projects now? How did pending legislation impact EB-5 market growth? The second annual NES Financial, Navigating a Changing Sector: Data Insights, white paper answers these questions and more [...]

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EB-5 Facts: EB-5 Investors are Extensively Vetted

Myth: EB-5 is an easy way for terrorists to enter the country. Fact: EB-5 investors are subject to significant scrutiny throughout the EB-5 process from the USCIS—which is itself run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The EB-5 vetting process includes the most detailed and thorough review of the immigrant of any visa category. [...]

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