USCIS & EB-5: Visa Availability Processing, Redeployment and Other Policy Issues

An IIUSA-hosted EB-5 Webinar Tuesday, April 21 | 2 P.M. ET/ 11 A.M. PT U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) provides government oversight of the EB-5 Program by creating and implementing policy through federal regulations. Sometimes, however, USCIS creates policies through other processes, such as updates to its Policy Manual or through adjudication decisions, that [...]

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NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran: A Leading Voice for EB-5 Expansion, Oversight, and Integrity on Capitol Hill and in the Press

On May 4, lawmakers voted to extend EB-5 until September 30th as part of a $1.2 trillion appropriations bill. However, the debate on EB-5 reform continues to heat up on Capitol Hill and in the press. Confronting the controversy head-on, NES Financial CEO Michael Halloran has emerged on the Hill and in the press as [...]

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EB-5 Visas Attract Foreign Investment and Create US Jobs; The Program Needs Reform; Not the Chopping Block

Originally posted on Quartz Media / Michael Halloran /  May 11, 2017 We sell citizenship to wealthy foreigners? That was the question on many minds this past weekend after reading news of Jared Kushner’s sister in China touting a US government program to investors there that allows them to earn a special visa in [...]

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After Another Last-Minute Extension, Legislators Focus on EB-5 Reform

Originally Posted on National Real Estate Investor / Diana Bell /  May 4, 2017 While Congress extended the EB-5 program in its current form through September 30th, 2017, serious reform debates are underway, including: minimum investment amounts, stricter oversight and integrity measures, and reclassification of targeted employment areas (TEAs). This week, Congress extended the EB-5 investor [...]

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Don’t Kill the “Golden Visa”, Expand It!

Originally Posted on Politico / Michael Halloran /   April 27, 2017 It’s sometimes called the “golden visa,” the obscure immigration program for big investors that burst into the headlines this week in the wake of stories on the family of White House aide Jared Kushner. Last Saturday, Nicole Meyer — Kushner’s sister and a representative of her [...]

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How Our Nation’s Immigrants Can Help Fund Infrastructure

Originally Posted on The Hill / Michael Halloran  / April 21, 2017 We may be about to fund sorely-needed American infrastructure projects at no cost to taxpayers while simultaneously showcasing one approach to merit-based immigration. Next week, Congress is expected to advance a bill to extend the EB-5 program, which grants residency to investors committing [...]

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100,000 Immigrants and CRE Can Create 1.6 million Jobs

Originally Posted on  Commercial Property Executive / Michael Halloran  /  April 20, 2017 There is a perception that immigration costs native-born residents their jobs. Congress is working on an idea next week that—if taken to its logical conclusion—would illustrate the opposite phenomena in dramatic fashion within commercial real estate. THE EB-5 VISA PROGRAM The EB-5 [...]

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The Latest EB-5 Bill Calls for Permanent Reauthorization of Regional Center Program

On March 27, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced the latest EB-5 bill. S. 727 or the “Invest in Our Communities Act” aims to increase worldwide levels of employment-based immigrants and proposes permanent reauthorization of the EB-5 Regional Center program. S. 727 provides some much-needed Congressional support, which has largely been on the defensive from both [...]

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USCIS Director León Rodríguez Delivers Farewell Address

On January 11, USCIS Director León Rodriguez delivered his farewell address and reminded attendees and listeners of the oft-overlooked human element in immigration decisionmaking and policy. The son of Cuban immigrants, Rodríguez began by recounting humble upbringings on 82nd Street in Miami, Florida. The narrative quickly progressed from shared homes and cramped apartments to his [...]

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EB-5 Regional Center Program Extended Through April 2017

Replicating the high drama of the September 29 continuing resolution, the EB-5 Regional Center Program is set to be extended again through April 28, 2017. On December 6, 2016, Congress signaled that it would pass a new CR through a House-introduced Further Continuing and Security Assistance Appropriations Act. The Senate finally passed the CR with [...]

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