2019 EB-5 Expo Los Angeles

This event attracts a globalized community of stakeholders from traditional and emerging EB-5 markets, including China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, South Korea and UAE. The educational panels moderated by industry experts provide valuable insight about United States’ EB-5 Immigrant Investor program. The event also features business presentations and a myriad of networking opportunities.  We encourage anyone [...]

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2019 EB-5 Expo Shanghai

The 2019 EB-5 Immigration Expo Shanghai will offer high-quality education from industry leaders and is expected to gather global immigration professionals from programs around the world, including Australia, Cyprus, the Caribbean, Malta, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The conference will feature interactive panels moderated by experienced investment immigration professionals, as well as [...]

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Could Opportunity Zones Eclipse or Dovetail with EB-5?

The Real Deal/ Erin Hudson / September 22, 2018 "NES Financial's EVP and EB-5 chief says OZs offer "a bigger opportunity" than the beleaguered investor visa" "Sometime over the past month, NES added a new “opportunity zones” tab to their website, effectively announcing a new line of services. And in mid-September, NES’ executive vice president Reid [...]

H-1B to EB-5 Visa Webinar: Stay Permanently, Work Anywhere

Learn How to Make the Switch and Secure Your Future in the U.S. A H-1B Visa puts restrictions on your career path and limits your spouse’s ability to work. Moreover, with changing immigration policies, your eligibility to stay is at risk. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: the EB-5 Program. By obtaining permanent residency through the EB-5 program, [...]

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Los Angeles Get EB-5 Visa Information Session

Get all of your H1-B, EB-1/2/3 and EB-5 Visa questions answered one-on-one with qualified and experienced immigration attorneys and EB-5 regional center professionals. What to expect? Overview of the EB-5 program and process for applicants Step-by-step H1-B or EB-1/2/3 to EB-5 immigration process Learn how to diligence potential EB-5 projects for investment Direct access to [...]

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On Capitol Hill, EB-5 Integrity Matters. To Investors Worldwide, The Mark of Integrity is Platinum.

In recent weeks, EB-5 stakeholders have been focused on headlines and debates in Washington about legislative reforms and pending integrity measures.  But beyond regulatory concerns, major industry stakeholders are refocusing on the growing demands of investors worldwide.  Because when it comes to building investor confidence, EB-5 integrity matters now, more than ever before. As the [...]

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EB-5 VISA Cutoff Date Advances

Since May 1, 2015, Chinese-born immigrant investors have been subject to a cutoff date for EB-5 visa issuance, due to high demand for EB-5 category visas. This cutoff allows investors who filed their I-526 petitions on or before the priority date to receive a conditional green card once their I-526 is approved but places those who filed [...]

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May 1: EB-5 Visa Retrogression for Chinese Immigrants

Retrogression for EB-5 immigrant investors has been a hot topic in the EB-5 community since reaching the visa cap for the first time at the very end of fiscal year 2014.  The impact at that time was minimal because new visa numbers became available a month later.  Looking forward, we won’t have that luxury. On April [...]

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Regulators and Investors Alike Look for Compliance in EB-5

The changes brought on by rapid growth in the EB-5 industry have been a frequent topic of discussion at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit and other industry events. In the last six years, the number of visas granted through the EB-5 investor program annually have increased 700%. And as EB-5 funding has gained popularity in [...]

Implications of USCIS Processing Delays for EB-5

As discussed at length at the NES Financial | JTC EB-5 Innovation Summit, the EB-5 industry’s explosive growth brings both opportunities and challenges. With EB-5 program participation skyrocketing the last 5 years, the time it takes the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process I-526 and I-829 petitions has also suffered a dramatic increase. [...]

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