Regulators and Investors Alike Look for Compliance in EB-5

The changes brought on by rapid growth in the EB-5 industry have been a frequent topic of discussion at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit and other industry events. In the last six years, the number of visas granted through the EB-5 investor program annually have increased 700%. And as EB-5 funding has gained popularity in [...]

NES Financial Expands Market Leadership with 300th EB-5 Project

NES Financial announced today that it recently entered into an agreement to provide the company’s EB-5 Solutions on a record 300th project. Representing over $12 billion in capital, NES Financial’s suite of Intelligent EB-5 Solutions has been used by more EB-5 issuers on more projects than any other solution on the market. “The EB-5 market has [...]

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Cloudseed International Fund Selects NES Financial’s Intelligent EB-5 Solution Suite for Luxury Apartment Project

NES Financial announced today that it has been selected by Cloudseed International Fund to provide EB-5 Escrow, Fund Administration, and Immigration Workflow Solutions on the Regional Center’s latest project, The District at Linworth. The EB-5 visa program, created in 1990, encourages investment into projects that stimulate U.S. job growth, while providing an opportunity for foreign [...]

Transparency is the New Efficiency for the EB-5 Process

With traditional investments, like mutual funds or 401(k)s, investors expect full transparency, regular statements, and updates on the progress of their invested funds. In many cases, they receive both ongoing statements and can access their accounts online 24/7. So why should EB-5 investments be any different? EB-5 investors deserve the same level of services as [...]

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NES Financial Deploys Next Generation eSTAC® Technology Platform to Accelerate Innovation

NES Financial is announcing the release of its fifth generation of eSTAC® technology. eSTAC® is the company’s proprietary technology platform that enables the rapid implementation of service-based solutions to handle highly specialized financial transactions. Flexible, scalable, and customizable, eSTAC® is designed to provide the highest levels of security, transparency, audits, and compliance (STAC). Traditional financial [...]

NES Financial Receives OutSystems Innovation Award

Earlier this week, NES Financial officially received our OutSystems Innovation Award that is proudly being displayed in our lobby. We received the OutSystems Innovation Award last year for the rapid implementation of the latest version of our unique eSTAC® technology. OutSystems’ annual Innovation Award recognizes organizations that use IT in a way that is dramatically [...]

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The Use of EB-5 Capital in Franchise Opportunities is Growing Rapidly

While recent media outlets have focused on several high profile projects being marketed today that are using EB-5 capital as a source of funding, little has been said about EB-5 issuers who are having great success with much smaller projects. The use of EB-5 capital for franchise operations has been a well-kept secret – until [...]

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NES Financial Introduces its Medallion Award Program to Recognize EB-5 Regional Centers and Developers

Competition in EB-5 continues to increase, with more and more Regional Centers and developers building projects funded by foreign investors. As the EB-5 market matures, the level of due diligence performed by these investors continues to increase. Issuers need a way to stand apart from the crowd and make marketing their project to investors easier. [...]

Mount Snow Selects NES Financial’s EB-5 Solutions for Projects in the State of Vermont

NES Financial announced today that Mount Snow has selected our EB-5 Fund Administration and Immigration Workflow Solutions for their current projects located in Vermont. Mount Snow is the one of the most popular ski resorts on the East Coast, with an average of 450,000 visitors per year and a close proximity to the metropolitan areas [...]

EB-5 Fund Administration Demo Day Showcases NES Financial’s Purpose Built Technology

On July 24, 2014, NES Financial hosted our first ever live product demonstration, showcasing the capabilities of our EB-5 Fund Administration Solution. After receiving an overwhelming response from our previous Success Strategies Webinar Series, we saw a demand for a more in-depth explanation of our Fund Administration Solution from the EB-5 community. Vice President of [...]

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