Why the Newly Introduced Opportunity Zone Reporting Bills are a Win for Transparency

Senator Ron Wyden introduced the “Opportunity Zone Reporting and Reform Act” this week, which would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require to increase reporting for qualified opportunity funds. “Legislative momentum around reporting requirements continues to increase,” said Reid Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of JTC Americas' Specialty Financial Administration [...]

Insider Insights Series: The Real World Impact of Opportunity Zones

A JTC Americas Opportunity Zones Webinar Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 11:00 am PT It’s almost the end of 2019, and the Opportunity Zones initiative is thriving. How is your fund performing and what are the latest trends to help your business grow in 2020? In this free Opportunity Zones webinar, JTC Americas and OZ [...]

Fund Administration and Technology: Continuing the Conversation From the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Fall Conference

Novogradac’s 2019 Opportunity Zones Conference in Chicago is one of the largest OZ events in the country where fund sponsors, developers, investors, accountants, lawyers and stakeholders attend to discuss and learn how to effectively invest in qualified opportunity zone funds. Our Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director Reid Thomas spoke about fund administration at this [...]

Poll Result: “Will You Launch New EB-5 Projects After the New Rules Take Effect?”

On October 2, we held a webinar titled “Are You Ready for EB-5 3.0 — A New Era?” (If you missed it, watch the recording here!) In this presentation, we brought together a select group of experts from across the EB-5 industry to discuss the new EB-5 rules, which are scheduled to take effect on [...]

Experts Answer Common Opportunity Zone Questions

If you couldn’t make it to JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial’s free Insider Insights webinar “How Opportunity Zones Can Work For You,” you not only missed out on how your business can benefit from the latest OZ market insights, but you missed out on some great questions from webinar participants. Fortunately, we’ve collected four of [...]

Compliance Requirements vs. Best Practices in OZ Fund Management

Earlier this year, JTC Americas' Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director Reid Thomas published an article in National Real Estate Investor titled “The Three Keys to Long-Term Success in the Opportunity Zone Program.” In this piece, Reid argued that the long-term fate of the OZ program will depend on industry self-regulating to avoid the pitfalls that [...]

Opportunity Zones and the Local Community with Madison Street Strategies’ Founder Erin Gillespie

"Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers - Erin Gillespie" This week in "Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers," we’ll be speaking with Erin Gillespie, Founder of Madison Street Strategies, an economic development consulting firm, during our previous Opportunity Zones webinar on August 14. Erin is also a former Deputy Chief of Staff for the Florida Department of [...]

OZ Data Insights: What’s Motivating Opportunity Zone Investors?

JTC Americas, formerly NES Financial now provides its purpose-built Opportunity Zone Fund Administration to more than 40 OZ funds, with projects ranging from theater productions to large-scale residential developments. In addition, we’re in discussion with approximately 200 other OZ funds — some just getting started, some already well established. Because of this expertise and experience, [...]

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Chris Milner Discusses an Opportunity Zone Fund Partnership

"Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers - Chris Milner" This week in "Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers," we’ll be speaking with with Chris Milner, Head of CRE Investment Management at Cantor Fitzgerald, during our previous Opportunity Zones webinar on August 14. This past March, Cantor Fitzgerald and Silverstein Properties entered into a joint venture focused on [...]

Hotbed Entertainment Group’s Seth Dunlap Discusses Opportunity Zones and the Entertainment Industry

"Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers - Seth Dunlap" This week in "Meet the OZ Webinar Speakers," we’ll be speaking with Seth Dunlap, Founding Partner at Hotbed Entertainment Group, during our previous Opportunity Zones webinar on August 14. Hotbed Entertainment Group, which includes key players behind Blue Man Group and other now-iconic stage productions, is developing [...]

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