6 Considerations for Third-Party Private Equity Fund Administration

Private equity fund managers face a variety of pressures, including raising and retaining capital, finding appropriate investment opportunities, and generating returns that exceed investor expectations. To succeed, they need to keep abreast of changes in the industry — including investor demands for greater transparency and ever-growing reporting complexity — without disrupting their primary objective of [...]

IMN 21st Annual US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Funds Investing Forum

Join us for IMN's 21st Annual US Real Estate Opportunity & Private Funds Investing Forum taking place in Newport, RI on Wednesday, September 8th to Friday, September 10th. The IMN-hosted event, will bring together local commercial real estate executives, community leaders, asset managers, developers, and many other service providers for networking, panel presentations, and breakfast [...]

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NES Financial | JTC to Host Private Equity Webinar on 2021 Trends and Future Outlook with Convergence, Inc., 747 Capital, and CohnReznick

Industry leaders to also discuss pandemic-driven shifts in market dynamics and investor priorities San Jose, CA, Feb. 25, 2021 – Specialty financial administrator NES Financial | JTC announced today that it will host its next webinar, Private Equity 2021: Trends, Future Outlook and More with Industry Experts, featuring insights from George Evans, Co-President at Convergence [...]

Private Equity Expert Shares The No. 1 Lesson He Learned During The Pandemic and What Will be Different for PE in 2021

As a co-founder and Managing Partner at 747 Capital in New York City, Marc der Kinderen has seen the U.S. Private Equity market grow since 1994. We recently spoke with Marc about the No. 1 lesson he learned about PE during the pandemic, as well as what he thinks will be different for PE this [...]

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Fund Administration is Not One-Size-Fits-All for Private Equity Real Estate Funds

Since fund administrators represent a viable outsourcing solution for fund managers, why is it important to have a one-stop shop for all Private Equity Real Estate funds? It’s no secret that there are the large administrators that primarily service hedge fund managers who claim to provide services to private equity and real estate managers. However, [...]

2020 Election: How will a Biden Administration Impact EB-5, Opportunity Zones, Impact Investing, 1031 Exchanges, and More?

At a glance: An incoming Biden administration will likely heighten regulatory scrutiny in areas and programs such as EB-5, Opportunity Zones, 1031 exchanges, impact investing and private equity. For instance, he has proposed eliminating 1031 exchanges and increasing taxes on capital gains; at the same time, he may provide more regulatory clarity around Opportunity Zones [...]

The Top 7 Outsourcing Benefits Private Equity Managers Need to Know About

Outsourcing fund administration, also known as the “outsourcing imperative,” is a big decision for fund managers, yet internal and external factors continue to drive the increase in adopting third-party administration among funds of all sizes in recent years. Many private equity managers have begun to realize that self-administrating and doing everything in-house can be a [...]

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Private Equity Expert Michael Richards on Why Onshoring is the New Offshoring

Outsourcing fund administration is a big decision, and one that many fund managers have historically been reluctant to make. However, over the past few years, investor needs have driven increased administrative demand on funds of all sizes, and many GPs have begun to realize that in-house fund administration is often a misuse of precious [...]

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The Future of Fund Administration is Outsourcing – Not Offshoring

The risks of remote work are steep enough within your own company, whether it’s your son spilling juice on freshly signed documents or cyberthreats amid a pandemic in which attacks have shot up 400%. But add offshored workers into the mix – in regions perhaps more vulnerable to cyberattacks and less conditioned to remote [...]

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NES Financial to Host Webinar on Outsourcing Private Equity Fund Administration with Industry Experts

Specialty financial administrator NES Financial, a JTC Company (LON: JTC), announced today that it will host its next Private Equity webinar, Outsourcing Private Equity Fund Administration: Best Practices, with Michael Richards, Head of Fund Administration – USA at NES Financial, Thomas J. Powell, Senior Managing Partner of Resolute Capital Partners, LTD, and Bill Salus, Founder & CEO [...]

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