6 Considerations for Third-Party Private Equity Fund Administration

Private equity fund managers face a variety of pressures, including raising and retaining capital, finding appropriate investment opportunities, and generating returns that exceed investor expectations. To succeed, they need to keep abreast of changes in the industry — including investor demands for greater transparency and ever-growing reporting complexity — without disrupting their primary objective of [...]

Private Equity Expert Michael Richards on Why Onshoring is the New Offshoring

Outsourcing fund administration is a big decision, and one that many fund managers have historically been reluctant to make. However, over the past few years, investor needs have driven increased administrative demand on funds of all sizes, and many GPs have begun to realize that in-house fund administration is often a misuse of precious [...]

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The Future of Fund Administration is Outsourcing – Not Offshoring

The risks of remote work are steep enough within your own company, whether it’s your son spilling juice on freshly signed documents or cyberthreats amid a pandemic in which attacks have shot up 400%. But add offshored workers into the mix – in regions perhaps more vulnerable to cyberattacks and less conditioned to remote [...]

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On the Fence About Outsourcing Fund Administration? Private Equity Experts Weigh In

Over the past few years, investor needs have driven increased administrative demand on funds of all sizes, and many GPs have begun to realize that in-house fund administration is often a misuse of precious resources. To address this vital and cost-saving decision, JTC Americas, Formerly NES Financial, asked industry experts for the No. 1 advice [...]

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Q&A with JTC Group’s Wouter Plantenga on Private Equity and Outsourcing

NES Financial was recently acquired by JTC Group, an award-winning provider of fund, corporate and private client services to institutional and private clients, operating in 19 countries, servicing over $130 billion in assets. As part of this acquisition, NES Financial is now able to offer complementary products and services that we believe will be [...]

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Solid PE Fund Administration Requires Robust Technology

Digital innovation as a PE Megatrend in the 2020 Preqin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report Private Equity started the year with more cash than ever as 2019 closed with approximately $450 billion worth of PE deals, according to a recent article in Bloomberg. And while 2020 was on track to be another big [...]

The Challenges Private Equity Fund Managers Face Today

Fund managers, whether new or 20-year experts, face challenges daily, especially with technology needs evolving. So, what exactly are the challenges Private Equity managers are facing, and how can JTC Americas’ technology help? “Today, in the GP world, we’re going through a sea change,” according to JTC Americas', Formerly NES Financial, Head Fund Administration USA,  [...]

Fund Administration and Technology: Continuing the Conversation From the Novogradac Opportunity Zones Fall Conference

Novogradac’s 2019 Opportunity Zones Conference in Chicago is one of the largest OZ events in the country where fund sponsors, developers, investors, accountants, lawyers and stakeholders attend to discuss and learn how to effectively invest in qualified opportunity zone funds. Our Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director Reid Thomas spoke about fund administration at this [...]

Why Technology is Reshaping the Private Equity Industry and How JTC Americas Can Help

JTC Americas’ Head of Fund Administration USA, Michael Richards led a roundtable discussion at the ALTSSEA conference called “Fund Administration: How Technology is Reshaping the Industry." ALTSEEA is a one-day conference in Seattle featured leading practitioners from the fields of private equity, venture capital, real estate, hedge funds, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and alternative investment markets. [...]

A Culture of Innovation and Success

For nearly a decade, I've been a part of the NES Financial family. A decade. In Silicon Valley. In 2016. Yep, a decade. Why? To be totally transparent, it's a pretty simple answer: culture. We have great people, SMART people, and we choose to attack business problems with a focus on solving them the right [...]

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