Read the results of JTC’s 2023 ESG + Impact Investing report

Investors are largely in agreement on why ESG and impact investing are important. What they don’t agree on is how to define success – or even what those two terms actually mean.

ESG and impact investments are more popular than ever, but with a bigger market comes bigger challenges. Whether it’s a lack of standardized reporting methodology, confusion over the differences between ESG and impact investing, or growing anti-ESG backlash, one thing is clear: we are now entering a new phase in this budding sector. Fund managers and advisors will need to find better ways to differentiate themselves and communicate impact to investors.

To rise above the noise and help us understand the state of ESG and impact in 2023, JTC surveyed nearly 300 advisors, fund managers, and investors across the U.S. and Europe to provide vital benchmarks and guidance as stakeholders in this space prepare for the crucial year to come.

The results are now in, and we’re ready to share them with you, along with important insights on effective impact reporting, Opportunity Zones, and more. JTC presents, “The Next Phase of ESG + Impact Investing is Here. Are You Ready?,” an in-depth look at investor perceptions, concerns, and goals for ESG and impact investing in 2023.

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