The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services just released updated processing times for EB-5 petitions through July 14th.

For I-526 petitions, processing times remained the same at 16.6 months. However, both I-829 and I-924 petitions increased at 20.1 and 9.9 months respectively.

Date I-526 I-829 I-924
1/31/16 16.3 16.9 9
2/29/16 16.6 17.5 9.3
7/14/16 16.6 20.1 9.9

The increase in I-829 petitions can be attributed to the increase of submissions as a result of investors reaching the end of their two year conditional permanent residency status. It has also been noted that although I-924 processing times indicate an average of 9.9 months, most EB-5 issuers are reporting having to wait longer than that. To keep updated on all processing times, click here.

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