It may seem early to file Form I-924A due in December, but it’s worth getting out ahead of this important requirement — after all, your entire business relies on it.

To keep your EB-5 Regional Center designation for 2019, you must file a Form I-924A (Annual Certification of Regional Center) with the USCIS by December 29. The consequence for non-compliance is the issuance of a Notice of Intent to Terminate your Regional Center — and, ultimately, the loss of your designation and participation in the Regional Center program. Over the last ten years, more than one-third of Regional Centers that lost their status did so because of failure to file Form I-924A.

What’s more, the Form I-924A was updated in 2017, and the new version is longer and more complicated than before.

But here’s the good news: NES Financial provides our clients with an I-924A NCE Project Report, which greatly streamlines completion of the Form I-924A by providing a consistent, standardized format for compiling and presenting key information about your EB-5 project(s).

Here are a few features of this service:

  • Meets USCIS I-924A reporting guidelines by providing the information required in a clear, easy-to-review format
  • Demonstrates Regional Center’s industry expertise and ongoing commitment to following EB-5 program best practices
  • Enables you to easily combine each project’s economics with your existing funding and immigration information
  • Creates reports for multiple projects (if applicable), maintaining the same consistent format
  • Improves document clarity to help reduce the chance of USCIS asking for more details or issuing a Request for Evidence

Furthermore, once the I-924A NCE Project Report is completed, it can easily be adapted to serve as an at-a-glance project update report for your investors.

This year, save time and resources and submit your Form I-924A early. For more information on the I-924A NCE Project Report service, please feel free to contact us.