The SEC and ESG: What Happens Next

Proposed changes to SEC disclosure rules are just the beginning, so how can you make sure you’re ready to provide investors with the ESG offerings and information they want? On March 21st, 2022, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission proposed a set of rules that would require broad disclosures about companies’ governance of [...]

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Leadership in Social Impact Investing – Virtual Forum

How can your fund stand out in a marketplace full of investments promising to do good? Investors care more than ever about putting their money toward solving societal problems, with $1 out of every $3 going toward socially responsible investments. Many funds have embraced the principles of ESG, or environmental, social and governance solutions. [...]

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The Changing Landscape of ESG and Impact Investing

Prepare your business for the decade ahead with a comprehensive approach to impact measurement and ESG compliance “You have to measure and report along the way, because that’s the only way you course correct. Otherwise it’s just hope.” — JTC Americas CEO Michael Halloran A broad and evolving ESG plan is now table stakes [...]

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Impact Funds Collateral

Recent economic and social turmoil has accelerated the growth of so-called “impact investing,” and a rising emphasis on social and community impact, alongside ROI, when making investment decisions. In collaboration with Howard W. Buffett and his advisory firm, Global Impact LLC, we have expanded our impact reporting capabilities — offering data-driven, objective measurement of [...]

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