With traditional investments, like mutual funds or 401(k)s, investors expect full transparency, regular statements, and updates on the progress of their invested funds. In many cases, they receive both ongoing statements and can access their accounts online 24/7. So why should EB-5 investments be any different?

EB-5 investors deserve the same level of services as traditional investors. EB-5 issuers’ core expertise is development, not fund accounting. They often have limited staff available to provide these types of services, and because EB-5 is so specialized, traditional fund administrators are not available to provide outsourced services. Traditional fund administrators typically provide solutions that are focused on the financial performance of a fund. While this is a component of the EB-5 investment, it is usually not the main focus.

The main focus of an EB-5 investment fund is immigration. Since immigration is tied to job creation and not only financial return, a different skillset is required. This means different systems, processes, and technologies that are purpose built for EB-5 are a better choice.

To meet the needs of the investor through the life cycle of the EB-5 project, the issuer should have all the right processes set up from the beginning. One easy way to do this is by hiring a third party who has the experience in EB-5 specifically to help the issuer meet their investor’s needs.

If you are an EB-5 Regional Center or developer, make transparency your new efficiency by setting up a process to manage the investment and immigration needs of all of your investors.

NES Financial’s EB-5 Solutions can help you. They were built on the principles of security, transparency, and compliance. Each solution has full audit trail capabilities and allows investors to view their funds and immigration status 24/7. With reports that can be easily generated at any stage in the cycle, you save time, and your investors have the peace of mind that comes from always knowing what is going on.

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