As a result of the continued growth and performance of the business since its IPO in 2018, global provider of fund, corporate and private wealth services JTC Group moved up the London Stock Exchange ladder.

JTC, which acquired NES Financial this past April, moved from the FTSE SmallCap Index to the FTSE 250 Index earlier this week. The FTSE 250 Index represents the 101st to the 350th largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The Jersey, UK-headquartered company, which operates in 19 countries, services over $130 billion in assets and currently employs more than 900 employees, began trading on the FTSE 250 beginning November 16.

“The company’s inclusion into the FTSE 250 is an important milestone in our company’s growth and evolution and I would like to thank our clients and investors for their continued support,” said Nigel Le Quesne, CEO of JTC. “At JTC, every single employee is a direct owner of the business and is committed to our clients’ success. We believe that it is our ‘Stronger Together’ culture that differentiates our performance over the long term. On behalf of the Board and management team, I would like to thank our colleagues globally for the hard work and commitment that has made this possible.”

“The FTSE 250 Index in the U.K. is similar the Fortune 500 Index in the United States,” said Michael Halloran, Group Head of Technology Strategy and CEO of JTC USA US. “NES Financial is proud to be part of the JTC family and are pleased to see our technology-driven purpose built solutions contributing to making JTC one of the best performing stocks on the LSE in the last two quarters.”

Other familiar companies on the FTSE 250 Index include global sports car manufacturer and favorite of James Bond, Aston Martin Lagonda, and the largest pizza delivery operator in the world, Domino’s Pizza Group PLC.

JTC more than doubles market cap value since 2018 IPO

“We’ve more than doubled the market cap since our IPO and the growth trajectory this year, which also includes the initial market reaction to the unexpected global pandemic, has been pretty steady as you can see in the chart above,” said David Vieira, Chief Communications Officer at JTC.

David also shared that in JTC’s latest interim results published on Sept. 15, the Group has reported period on period revenue growth of 15.2% and an EBITDA margin of 31.0%. The Group has also developed a highly successful growth strategy that combines strong organic growth of the core business (10.1% for H1 2020) with highly disciplined inorganic growth in a sector that is consolidating at a global level.

“While we are delighted to join the FTSE 250 Index, this is simply the latest step on a journey of growth that has been more than 30 years in the making. We remain committed to delivering client service excellence, growing the business in a sustainable manner for the long-term and most crucially of all at this time, supporting the health and well-being of all our employees, clients, and partners,” added CEO Nigel.

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