Using Technology to Make ESG Achievable: JTC’s Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer is Here

JTC Americas is helping clients define and reach their ESG goals by bringing JTC’s virtual CSO to North America

At JTC Americas, we take ESG seriously, which is why we’ve been a leader in innovations like social impact reporting and helping investors compare impact across different kinds of investments. ESG is becoming increasingly important to investors, and we want to make it easier for growing managers to meet their ESG goals.

Many firms have taken the step of hiring an in-house Chief Sustainability Officer. However, this can involve a great deal of overhead and resources that some fund managers can’t afford to spend. Without the right expertise, choosing the correct person for the job could drain time and energy from important tasks.

The solution is a new innovation from JTC, the global fund, corporate, and private client services provider and parent company of JTC Americas. JTC’s recently-announced virtual Chief Sustainability Officer platform provides fund managers, corporations, and family offices with a cost-effective way to meet their complex ESG regulatory and reporting obligations.

The vCSO platform enables clients to access the benefits of an in-house Chief Sustainability Officer, but on a flexible, outsourced basis. Now available to JTC Americas’ North American clients, the vCSO provides the technical knowledge and support necessary to define and implement ESG policies, strategies, and impact reporting, all of which will be tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Implementation of the program starts with a detailed understanding of the client’s core business, which allows JTC Americas to craft bespoke policies for each firm’s specific goals. When combined with the vCSO’s intuitive technology, these policies can be developed and implemented in a quick and cost-effective manner.

“Organizations of all types and sizes know that ESG is crucial to their success and a sustainable future, but navigating the alphabet soup of standards and regulations is an immense task,” said Reid Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director, JTC Americas. “JTC approaches ESG through the lens of its deep expertise in fund, corporate and private client services and then overlays the latest ESG knowledge on top. We start from the position of understanding a client’s core business, and then, through the vCSO service, help them to create a bespoke ESG program that is tailored to their specific needs.”

The vCSO solution is comprised of three core pillars:

  1. ESG Strategy: Develop, define, and document personalized ESG strategies, customized for each client, built around industry best practices and all relevant regulations.
  2. ESG Training: Target specific business goals and objectives based on the current level of ESG knowledge and understanding, such as identifying key principles of responsible investment and covering practical ideas for implementation.
  3. Carbon Support: Work with clients to conduct an analysis of carbon emissions. In conjunction with accredited audit partner Carbon Footprint, a roadmap will be developed for achieving carbon-neutral status or Net Zero Carbon.

“As a FTSE 250 company, we understand both the challenges and opportunities that ESG brings and how important it is to get it right, said Nigel Le Quesne, CEO at JTC. “Our vCSO service can help to eliminate the pain and complexity that many organizations experience and instead allow clients to focus on their core capabilities and long-term objectives while building the right ESG elements into their strategy.”

This solution is part of JTC’s longstanding commitment to leadership in Environmental, Social, and Governance practices, and will help those who have struggled to implement ESG practices to achieve their ambitions with regards to sustainability without sacrificing their core business principles. JTC Americas is excited to bring this new offering to our North American clients and help them achieve their goals thanks to the ESG capabilities and global reach JTC provides.

Together We Grow

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