When quota backlogs for Mainland China born investors were introduced in May 2015, many expected EB-5 investor markets would begin to become more global. 

While China remains the largest source of EB-5 investors, making up 87% of the EB-5 investor market in 2015, EB-5 markets in the Americas and Europe grew substantially with significant year-over-year increases in the number of investors participating in EB-5 offerings.

Because NES Financial works with more EB-5 projects than any other stakeholder, we are uniquely positioned to offer insight into market trends impacting the EB-5 industry.

Because our investor and project database includes projects currently in flight, whose investors may not yet have filed their I-526s or received I-526 approval, it can be up to two years ahead of USCIS and State department statistics, which reflect only investors who have already received I-526 approval and their visa numbers.

With a visa backlog in place for Chinese-born investors and I-526 and I-829 processing times averaging upwards of 16 and 18 months respectively, USCIS and State Department data is limited in its ability to provide insight into the current state of the EB-5 marketplace.

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